Living in the heart of Green Country means having a home at the center of a community with convenience and culture. Tulsa is an exceptional place to live – one of those cities that has it all. Tulsa enjoys a strong economy, is a hotspot for arts and culture, has great architecture, low population density – and a lot of choice when it comes to renting. Plus, the unemployment rate and the cost of living are lower than the national average, offering an advantageous lifestyle.

While the city itself is almost 180 years old, much of the significant architecture stems from the 1920s, with a strong Art Deco presence. There are numerous landmark buildings such as the Mid-Continent Tower, the Boston Avenue Methodist Church and the Philtower, that are excellent examples of Art Deco influence, but there is also a lot of new architecture that boasts modern lines and interesting spaces, like Oral Roberts University and the BOK Center. The city’s skyline is certainly outstanding.

For those who need to get around, Tulsa was well-designed, with commuters and transport in mind. For frequent flyers, there is Tulsa International Airport as well as Riverside-Jones, a general aviation airport. The city boasts extensive highway routes and access, as well as a comprehensive bus transit system, making this city quite commuter friendly. The inland river port – Port of Catoosa – is an added benefit for import/export for manufacturing.

With a population hovering around 400,000, Tulsa is known as one of “America’s Most Livable Communities.” The city is proud of its rich lifestyle and culture. The city has its own ballet, opera and Performing Arts Center. It has a booming economy – no longer limited to the oil sector. Although the oil industry helped found and develop Tulsa, and continues to be important to the economy, Tulsa’s financial and industrial environment includes employment in a wide range of sectors beyond energy, including technology, healthcare, education, transportation, construction, manufacturing and service.

A lush area of the country, Tulsa also has bragging rights to some gorgeous landscape. The city is 700 feet above sea level, with the Arkansas River running across the city and the backdrop for this city is the Ozark Mountains. Greenspace, wilderness, waterfront, there’s a bit of everything, creating lovely places to enjoy getting back to nature or enjoying as the landscape around your home. With a temperate climate, the weather is sub-tropic, enjoying all four seasons. Winters are mild and there is some snowfall, but not much, while the summers are hot and have a tendency to be humid, with temperatures that can regularly soar above 100°F.

Tulsa is a great city and a great place to call home. In fact, some very notable talent has harkened from this city, from popular singers like Garth Brooks and Anita Bryant to actors Gary Busey, Tony Randall and funnyman Bill Hader.

Whether it’s downtown or in a suburb, Tulsa offers plenty of opportunity, with apartments for rent in every budget, size and style. Some of the city’s well-established and in-demand areas include Midtown, known for its upscale communities. Here you’ll find neighbourhoods like Swan Lake, Philbrook Museum, The University of Tulsa, where residents enjoy Utica Square, Cherry Street and Brookside. The Blue Dome District and the East Village are downtown, while you can also choose to live along the Arkansas River in Riverside or in Uptown. The Pearl District, just east of downtown, is becoming known for its great culture, while Lortondale and Patrick Henry are more modern and Ranch Acres is historic.

West Tulsa, the west end of the city beyond the Arkansas River, was developed primarily for manufacturing and also has large oil refineries, it also has extensive parkland and wilderness. The area offers newer residential opportunities and has a growing population.

Residential offerings continue to grow and sprawl through the northern and southern ends of Tulsa. In the north a wide range of attractions includes several museums, the Tulsa Zoo and Mohawk Park – the third largest municipal park in the United States. As you discover Tulsa, it becomes obvious that there is definitely the perfect community to suit your lifestyle and needs.


Whether it’s downtown or in a suburb, Tulsa offers plenty of opportunity, with apartments for rent in every budget, size and style.

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